A Thorough Guide To Pumpkin Candles

For us, autumn is the beginning of candle period, and these tiny pumpkin candles proved to be the ideal complement to our autumnal décor.

Gourds and pumpkins make lovely and environmentally friendly candle vessels. All the pumpkins or any leftover beeswax can be recycled when the candles have burned out.

Since pure pumpkin candle is a naturally occurring material that can be renewed, I prefer using it to produce our candles. Seek for natural wool or hemp wicking and pure beeswax.


– little pumpkins

– a cotton pumpkin candle wick; – pure beeswax

– sustainer tabs, if desired

– a heat-resistant receptacle set aside for melting wax .

– metal cookie cutter – optional candy thermometer

  A well-edged kitchen knife

directions for creating pumpkin candles.

Step 1:Use the dual boiler method to melt beeswax

Put your heat-resistant container inside a bigger saucepan before adding the pumpkin candle to melt it. 

To prevent your container from sitting flat on the bottom of the bigger pot, lay a metal biscuit cutter underneath it.

The beeswax melts evenly and gently thanks to this double boiler setup. Pour enough water into the larger pot to cover the bottom of the container by a few inches.

If you are using a thermometer, place it inside the container with the beeswax. Simmer the water over medium-low heat after heating it.

The ideal temperature range for your beeswax to liquefy at is between 150°F to 160°F. Keep a close eye on the wax; pouring at the right temperature is crucial to preventing problems like wax tunnelling.

You can add the oils to the candle wax right now before you pour.

Step 2: Tips to get the wick and pumpkins ready 

When your wax is melting, get your wick and pumpkins ready. Cut off and discard the top part of your pumpkins with a sharp kitchen knife.

Remove all of the seeds from the within of your pumpkins by scooping them out. If your intentions are keeping the top, set it aside; otherwise, compost it. 

For every pumpkin, cut an amount of wick that is a few feet longer than the total length you will use.

After dipping the whole wick into the molten wax, let it sit in the wax for a couple of minutes. After the wick has been straightened, place it on some paper made of parchment to cool.  

If you’re using sustainer tabs, fasten the wick’s bottom to the holder. If you don’t use the sustainer tabs, centre the wick by balancing the tip of the wick over the highest point of the container and wrapping it around a wooden popsicle stick or flat-sided pencil.

Verify that the flames are centred and straight. Continue with every pumpkin.

Step 3: Adding the beeswax

Put the beeswax in the first pumpkin carefully until it reaches the height you want. If the wick moves while the operation is being done, straighten it right away.

Allow the wax to cool and solidify, taking care not to snag it. It could require several hours. When the beeswax is fully hard, trim the wicks. 

Since the flesh of the pumpkin will deteriorate quickly, you will need to utilise the candles in the initial day or two of preparing them. When they burn, I’d advise putting them in a dish and making sure you watch them closely at all times.

Beeswax leftovers and cleanup: I usually transfer any leftover molten beeswax to a silicone mould for future use. While it’s still hot, use a cloth meant for cleaning wax to remove any leftover residue.

You may also just decide to let the wax set inside the vessel and then put it onto the heat to remelt it at another point if you’re using a special melting vessel or pitchers for just wax. 

She used candles she produced using the store’s hand-rolled beeswax candle kit! To make these, cut the sheets of beeswax honeycomb shorter to form tea lights (as pictured here), then roll your candles.

One completed tea light candle should be placed in the middle of each little pumpkin that has been hollowed out (just enough to accommodate the candle). Pictures provided by Forest Roads.

What scent is associated with a pumpkin candle?

The aroma of fresh pumpkin candle and hearty fall spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice will fill your house.

Pumpkin spice ought to be blazing in your house if you enjoy spicy scents with just a touch of sweetness.

Can candles be lit inside pumpkins without risk?

Using a glowing stick or powered by batteries candle in a Jack-o’-lantern is the safest option. Use extra caution if you choose to use a real candle. Make sure kids are always under observation while candles are lit.

Use a utility lighter or long fireplace-style matches to ignite candles inside jack-o’-lanterns.


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