Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch TikTok launched a BeReal clone

ByteDance’s short-form video giant, TikTok, has launched Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch, a BeReal competitor. This blog post dives deep into the similarities and differences between the two apps, analyzes TikTok’s strategic move, and ponders the future of the “authenticity” trend in social media.


Remember the thrill of receiving a Polaroid picture, frozen in time, capturing a candid moment from a friend’s life? BeReal, a French app, has resurrected that excitement for a digital generation. Its premise is simple: once a day, at an unpredictable time, users get two minutes to snap and share a photo of what they’re doing, fostering a sense of genuine connection and unfiltered reality. But now, the undisputed king of short-form video, TikTok, has entered the arena with its own BeReal clone – TikTok Now. So, is this a shameless copycat move or a strategic gambit to dominate the authenticity game? Let’s dissect the situation.

The Similarities

At first glance, Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch feels eerily similar to its French counterpart. Both apps send a daily notification at a random time, prompting users to capture and share a photo within two minutes. Both prioritize the front-facing camera, encouraging users to document their immediate surroundings and activities. They even share the dual-photo feature, showcasing both the user’s perspective and what their camera is facing, adding a layer of context and dimension. TikTok has taken inspiration from BeReal’s core mechanics, capitalizing on the app’s surging popularity.

The Differences Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch

But upon closer inspection, subtle distinctions emerge. Unlike BeReal’s bare-bones interface, TikTok Now integrates seamlessly with the existing TikTok ecosystem. Users can edit their photos with familiar filters and effects, adding a touch of personalization that BeReal eschews. Additionally, TikTok Now allows for slightly longer capture times and multiple retakes, catering to a user base accustomed to a more polished aesthetic. These tweaks hint at TikTok’s intention to cater to its existing audience while incorporating the “BeReal effect.”

Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch
Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch

Strategic Maneuvers

TikTok’s decision to launch TikTok Now can be interpreted in multiple ways. Firstly, it’s a shrewd acknowledgment of the growing demand for authenticity in social media. BeReal’s success demonstrates that users crave a break from the curated feeds and performative perfection that dominates most platforms. By offering a similar experience within its app, TikTok keeps its users engaged and expands its appeal to those seeking a more genuine online space.

Secondly, TikTok Now might be a defensive move against potential BeReal encroachment. By replicating BeReal’s core features, TikTok effectively neutralizes its competitive threat and prevents BeReal from siphoning away its user base. This strategic “borrowing” allows TikTok to maintain its dominance in the short-form video realm while venturing into the authenticity territory.

The Battle for Authenticity 

The question remains: will TikTok Now succeed in dethroning BeReal or simply exist as a pale imitation? Both apps offer unique value propositions. BeReal’s charm lies in its simplicity and unpredictability, fostering a sense of community around shared, unfiltered moments. TikTok Now, on the other hand, leverages the power of its existing platform and editing tools, potentially making authenticity more accessible and visually appealing to a wider audience.

Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch
Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch

Ultimately, the winner will be determined by user preference and adoption. BeReal’s dedicated user base might resist the incursion of a corporate giant, while TikTok’s massive reach could propel its BeReal clone to widespread popularity. Regardless of the outcome, the battle for authenticity in social media is heating up, and both BeReal and TikTok Now are playing crucial roles in redefining how we share and connect online.

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A Glimpse into the Future

The rise of BeReal and the subsequent launch of TikTok Now signal a broader trend in social media. Users are yearning for deeper connections, real-time experiences, and a departure from the meticulously crafted online personas. This trend has the potential to reshape the entire social media landscape, pushing platforms to prioritize genuine interactions and unfiltered content. Whether BeReal, TikTok Now, or another app emerges victorious, one thing is certain: the age of inauthenticity on social media is drawing to a close.


The arrival of Tiktok now ussilberlingtechcrunch marks a fascinating chapter in the ongoing saga of social media. While the app’s similarities to BeReal are undeniable, its integration with the TikTok ecosystem and subtle tweaks offer a distinct user experience. The battle for authenticity has officially begun, and it will be interesting to see how both apps evolve and adapt to capture the hearts

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